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10103Re: [softrock40] Re: VNA

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  • Richard Bown
    Apr 1, 2007
      tom_iphi wrote:
      > > Looks interesting Tom, how have you overcome the spurii from the
      > > LO & RF DDSs, or is it the case that they can be ignored as not to
      > > effect the
      > > measurement accuracy ??
      > >
      > Hi Richard,
      > In fact, I want the spurs, as they extend the frequency range of my
      > VNWA to beyond fclock.
      > As I run the LO DDS and RF DDS on mutually different clocks, the
      > unwanted spurs don't interfere with the measurement on the wanted spurs.
      > BTW: I call the spurs aliases.
      > 73, Tom DG8SAQ

      -Very interesting approach Tom, It would be nice to see some linux software to drive it as well

      73 Richard-
      Registered Linux user 365161
      Ham Call G8JVM
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