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1Antenna input grounded

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  • Marsh Parker
    Sep 17, 2005
      I just received my kit yesterday.

      I found that the L1 lead, not the body which goes to gnd, was
      to the gnd plane on the bottom side of the board. I used an xacto
      knife to cut the bridge. This was not a solder bridge. I did not
      that pad for fear of a solder bridge to gnd. I used the antenna pad

      Check with an ohm meter before installing L1, the larger pad
      input) just above the silk screen that says C21 for no continuity to

      I had several wrong installs of the thru hole parts because I was
      careful to pay good attention to the silk screen and the small
      oriention line between the body of the resistor and it's other lead.

      Good luck,

      Marsh, NC7V
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