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Local Shoe Production

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  • samuel kongere
    Hello All, Great ideas here, as i will say something about shoes and shoe makers. I think this is a great Idea to find out cultural activities regarding shoes,
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 16, 2007
      Hello All,
      Great ideas here, as i will say something about shoes and shoe makers. I think this is a great Idea to find out cultural activities regarding shoes, What people think about shoes, where and at what times do people use shoes. What about the children? Do African child go to school bare footed without wearing shoes? What about the teenagers, do they wear shoes? What types? Sports Shoes, leather and Why? Great ideas can be got!
       It’s tough to write about this shoes issue without using sweeping generations, so I’ve been thinking about how I personally may have learned the appropriate  cultures of people on shoes, my people have had power over in one way or another using smarter shoes, leather well polished.  Certainly no one sat down and spelled it out to me. Go and appropriate some culture now on shoes.  I got the message in a million indirect ways, like  When I was in Nairobi slum dwellings and cross cutting my thinking to the Rural Kenya, this takes me to an imaginary thinking and pretend to be a shoe maker, a job which neither nor my relatives does for their up keep.
       We weren’t told which Shoes Luos our tribe used before, but great,we see signs of orginality, and i learned about Shoes and its importance by collecting these Stories.
       Andrius as mythical people from an unspecified past, not as people who could be among us, or whose land our houses were built on. These are extraordinary thinking as I come to collect shoes stories. I will collect short stories for two months if you allow me in Rural Kenya and Urban, then move and compare the same in Tanzania by June. Greatfully.

      Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
      Hallo von Vilnius! Ich entschuldige mich, daß ich auf englisch schreibe.
      Ich teile einen Brief aus Indien über lokale Schuhproduktion. Dieses ist
      für unsere Arbeit mit Christine Axt wichtig. Andrius
      ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -

      What a wonderful letter!
      I share with our NewCraft, Social Agriculture, Global Villages and
      German groups.
      Surya, Would you be interested in a 100 USD research stipend from our
      laboratory so that you can do such research and pay for some of your
      Internet fees? This would be part-time temporary work for two months.
      That would be a great help for us. Please let me know. Also, would you
      be able to help coordinate and organize some of our African research on
      these subjects? Or would you like to focus on India?
      I'm especially interested in your connection with the Dalit (the
      untouchables) . That would be fantastic to connect with "independent
      thinkers" from among them and include them with your help. And it would
      be good for our laboratory to have a researcher in India.

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt

      suryarao maturu wrote:
      > Dear Andrius,
      > Hello.
      > Re Custom Handmade Shoes to Indivuidual feet--------
      > I wish to be involved in this exercise, in the IDEATION stage, as I
      > know a few very good COBBLERS( by traditional CASTE, they are
      > craftsmen) , i.e. MAKING + REPAIRING SHOES & CHAPPALS.... ...In India
      > , these people are called---MOCHIS,
      > in the northern India; and they belong to the lowest caste(generally,
      > "untouchable" ...but now these caste traditions are rapidly DISSOLVING,
      > under modern education+ legislation etc.
      > In fact, BATA Shoe Company, in India used to get shoess made by hand
      > & then put its labels & RESELL them at far higher prices.
      > Recently, there is a trend AWAY from-----leather( traditional
      > material) ; and towards----- SYNTHETIC material,
      > like as in Reebok, etc. .......These shoes cannot be REPAIRED, but
      > have to be THROWN AWAY.
      > Also, the SHOE SOLE/ "LAST" is nowadays 'Plastic Moulded'---- ----so
      > it is fixed using ADHESIVES; unlike the traditional leather sole/last,
      > which was hand-stitched.
      > Nowadays, even the SHOE-UPPER is mass-produced ; and so very little
      > is left for hand crafting.
      > I have used my own shoes, handmade for 15 to 20 YEARS!!!!!And, I walk
      > on an average 10 kilometers, daily!
      > There is a TAILOR , in Delhi who has an ONLINE CUSTOM
      > DESIGNING+FABRICATI ON facility; so----a gent in London can go to a
      > computer terminal & select & finalise his dimensions+design
      > pattern+cloth etc--------- -which is then trasmitted to Delhi & the
      > custom-suit is fabricated in a WEEK, or so; at a fraction (say,
      > 1/10!)of the cost charged by a top-class Tailor of Picadilly Street!....
      > My friend, KUMAR SAMBHAV; <kumar sambhav kumarms3@yahoo. com
      > <mailto:kumarms3@yahoo. com>>, is doing RESEARCH(his Ph.D.) on
      > COMPUTERISED DESIGN of SHOE-LASTS for handicapped people(legs,
      > amputated... .) for use in prosthetic shoes.
      > Incidentally, India gives ARTIFICIAL LEGS+SHOES ETC.-------- at 1/100
      > of cost of latest Hi-Tech ones from USA/EU!!!I hope you all know,
      > about "The Jaipur Foot"!!!aLMOST ALL NON-ELITE & WAR -INJURED, A
      > If any of you wish to order-----custom made
      > shoes/chappals- --------you can try creating a PROJECT!
      > I am sure "EU" will easily FUND it!
      > In Delhi today, these traditional cobblers, keep the latest
      > "foreign"(US& UK) MAGAZINES, which SHOW the PICTURES of LATEST
      > SHOES(GENTS & LADIES)----- so that customers can CHOOSE a DESIGN, they
      > fancy!!
      > To end, you could today GET such a CUSTOM- SHOE from india for
      > approximately, Indian Rupees----500 to 1000(for best, A1 ,QUALITY);
      > which comes to 10US$/8UK Pounds to 20US$/17UKPounds or EUROS!!!!!!I
      > think your shoes COST some, 5 to 10 times more-------don' t they?
      > Lastly, if the POOR of the WORLD, simply IMPORT INDIAN MADE SHOES &
      > CHAPPALS(currently SOLD in the local markets..... ), as made
      > here-------- --they could get them for a range of Indian Rupees, 100 to
      > 1000!viz. 2US$/1.25 UK Pounds to 20US$/17 UK POunds or
      > EUROs....... ..Imagine HOW MANY African Poor girls & Boys & Men &
      > Women can have sturdy., lasting SHOES!But, NO--------India is
      > "Untouchable" for these "superior(misguided ?)" AFRICAN POOR,
      > ----------who keep DREAMING of US/UK products, far out of their REACH!
      > The same above comment applies to --------CLOTHING; household
      > Goods;Handicrafted Items;Food Items(especially, ORGANIC FOODGRAINS,
      > etc.); BOOKS & STATIONERY Items;and so on.........
      > In fact, there are Uk/Us/EU companies, which IMPORT from India &
      > elsewhere, to their custom- specifications; and THEN THEY REMARKET
      > THEM, via intermediate ports/cities like LONDON/Amsterdam etc. to
      > ultimate bUYERS, who are fully IGNORANT of the ORIGIN+ the ORIGINAL
      > COST PRICES!!!!Example; ------The Body Shop is one such case........ .
      > I hope , somebody there will RESPOND to my this submission.
      > SURYA RAO MATURU, New Delhi, INDIA dated 14/April/2007 11AM(IST)
      ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -

      Christine Ax, It was wonderful to meet you in Hamburg! I'm excited
      about your ideas on shoe production in Africa. (A special thank you to
      Stella Loewenberg for encouraging me to come to Hamburg.) I share my
      letter with our NewCraft, Holistic Helping, Mendenyo and Social
      Agriculture working groups.
      helen mahoo writes from Tanzania:

      > > Dear Adrius
      > > Hope your doing well there,I want to confirm to you that i have
      > > receive 2 flash drive one for me and one for Josephat with the cheque
      > > enclosed,thanks very much,i was encourage to send more stories that
      > > will help and change the society,i have talked to Josephat since we
      > > gonna have a group meet on sunday the flash will reach to him.Thanks
      > > again we proud of MinciuSodas.
      > > Be Blessed
      > > Helen Mahoo
      > > Chair person-UYOGA


      Thank you for your letter!

      Yesterday I spoke with Christine Ax who leads our New Craft working
      group http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/newcraft/

      She is interested to collect "shoe stories" about what our shoes mean to
      us in our lives. She wants to know about our "shoe cultures" around the
      world: why we wear them, how we get them, how we repair them, where we
      wear them. She is studying:
      * What kind of shoe culture has existed before the modern sport shoes?
      * What kinds of shoe and shoe culture would people like to have?
      * What kinds of problems do they have with the shoe culture of today?
      * What would be a good location and team to build up a local shoe industry?

      She participates in a company http://masschuh. de which creates
      personalized shoes that exactly match the shape of an individual's
      foot. You can imagine the shoemaker making measurements of a person's
      foot, putting those numbers in a computer, and then a machine cutting
      the leather into the exact shape for the shoe to be sewn together. She
      is looking for a place in our network where we know shoemakers, somebody
      who knows how to sew leather to make the uppers for the shoes, who knows
      how to work with leather and can repair shoes. The idea would be to
      send a machine so as to demonstrate what her company can do. Then high
      quality shoes could be created at a reasonable price for the local
      people. And perhaps there could be some export to members of our lab!
      This is not mass production, it is the opposite: shoes individually
      crafted for each foot! In particular, the left shoe and the right shoe
      can be different! Most people's feet do not have the same shape.

      Helen, please focus on shoe stories - short stories (two or three or
      four sentences) about individuals who wear shoes, and long stories
      (interviews) with shoemakers. I also ask Sasha to collect some shoe
      stories at MyFoodStory http://www.myfoodst ory.info (they can be related
      to agriculture or not).

      I encourage all of our Africans to send us some shoe stories because we
      will have a bit of new money from Christine (100 EUR minus any fees) for
      one person to work on this. I will decide who would be the right person
      to make sure that we have stories from our entire network. From all of
      the shoe stories we will think and decide together, what would be the
      best location in our network to have a local shoe production machine and

      Also, do we know German speakers in Africa, such as in Tanzania or
      Cameroon? That would help.

      We also discussed some day perhaps setting up a machine in the South
      Side of Chicago because of the immense interest there in footwear and
      the great impact that local production might have.

      This is wonderful news and is an example of the great possibilities we
      have by relating our investigations and our resources!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt

      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
      Cell: +254 725 600 439
      Community Development
      UDOGO youth development group-coordinator

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