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Re: [socialagriculture] Happy Thanksgiving to David Ellison-Bey

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  • chuckwilliams1@aim.com
    I spent Friday evening with David Ellison-Bey at the Moorish Cultural Workshop in Chicago and looked at his computer with him and advised some instructions to
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      I spent Friday evening with David Ellison-Bey at the Moorish Cultural Workshop in Chicago and looked at his computer with him and advised some instructions to reach the Internet and his email which I hope is a help. At least it was something David expressed a problem with and it was a problem I could identify and solve.

      His primary problem however is printing to the Epson Stylus CX6400 which I didn't have any luck with. I was able to scan a photo from it and that was encouraging. Concerning print, however, an LCD message is constant: "Error see documentation, call service." The documentation just says to call service so it's no help. David thinks something can be done and I think there's much more I can do as far as swapping things in-and-out and all that troubleshooting stuff. So I'll tackle it again when I get the chance. I told him any $ would go towards buying replacement equipment for him, if necessary, but not yet. Maybe the printer if it comes to that. Anyone have an old giveaway printer compatible with Win 98?

      - Charles Williams

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      Greetings from Chicago and Happy Holidays,

      A quick update on myself including how you can help:
       - I am now employed full-time as a computer instructor and employment coach in Chicago (south).
       - I help approximately 30 adults per month learn basic computer and job search skills.
       - Call me at 312-560-2592 (cell) or email me with your job leads: labor, office, manufacturing, entry-level, etc etc. Especially need job leads for our people who were historically excluded.
       - I also promote and market businesses at my web site www.shopsouthchicag o.com. Please participate.
       - Blogs and promoting sustainable agriculture and vegetable gardens and so on.... My current project is at www.trialwebsite. biz

      I will also call David Ellison-Bey at 773-874-3332 hopefully to visit at his Friday evening meeting where I will look at his computer problem. At my work (above) -- and during the last few years here in Chicago (south) -- I spend endless hours with computer problems and I'm convinced the web and especially many, many employment-related web sites have become incredibly bloated with unnecessary gimmicks that obstruct working class people from making productive job applications. Well that's my view ... clearly I am overcoming this hurdle every day.

      Fellow Chicagoland readers are always invited to meet with us Friday evenings or Saturday mornings. Call first because it's informal.

      Thank you for the forum. I received your phone message but unfortunately the phone number got distorted and I lost (was stolen) my planner of many years of notes and so on and I had to start over with my handwritten notekeeping (which luckily only comprises about 10% of my entire documentation activities).

      Charles Williams


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      Sent: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 5:01 am
      Subject: [socialagriculture] Happy Thanksgiving to David Ellison-Bey

      David, Islam!
      Thank you for your inspiring letter. I think of you and I send you
      Thanksgiving greetings. I sent you a letter in the mail on Sunday. I
      hope to connect with Charles Williams so that he can help with your
      computers, I would give him $100.
      Thank you also to Freddie for writing from the House of Culture! I will
      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt

      > Islam Bro. Andrius: May the peace and blessing of Allah be with you.  I am
      > trying to use the laptop for the firis time, and I can't get it to stay
      > on.  The screen lit up a few times, then it clicks off.  I am at a lost as
      > what to do. The green and orange light blinks on and off, that's about
      > all.  I don't want to make it worst, maybe its the battery,
      > I had taken it to my room after cleaning off my bed.  He who fixes his
      > soul on show loose reality.  I am glad you have a thick skin to take my
      > criticisms.  I need to speak on the things I had on my mind, that you seem
      > to ignore by holding on to your thought, and not hearing me.  Like talking
      > me into getting rid of my books and magazines without cataloging what I
      > had, which is what I intended.  I know my house looked cluttered, but what
      > you didn't know or hear, was that I had books and things all over town,
      > and had finally brought most every thing Home after many years and lost
      > The time and travels I had to acquire all I had over the years spread over
      > this city, as well as deviling a filing system the way I wanted, for a
      > purpose.  When my mother was kidnapped everything went haywire,.  I had no
      > one to turn to, and you befriended me at a time I was alone.  for you see
      > people avoid you when you or someone is victimized in your family, I have
      > observed this phenomenon over long years.  When you asked me to
      > participate in your events, that was alright, for it gave me a chance to
      > get to meet people and associate with people face to face, but then you
      > loaded me up with e-mails I had no real int rest in and overload me with
      > thing I wasn't interested in and had no real time to participate in..  I
      > had a program, but no one to help or volunteers, but you couldn't see or
      > understand, what can be good, can also be wrong, in the since that, that
      > many do gooders can't see the harm that comes from their own ideas of
      > whats right and whats wrong, failing to fully understand fully the
      > situation, never having been put in the same situation before, nor having
      > lived under such conditions as I and others.  I never liked other people
      > to give me advise unless I ask for it, nor do I give advice without being
      > asked, then I study it out to fine the right advice, because if something
      > goes wrong, they will blame
      > you if it don't come out right, another thing, to be a good leader, you
      > must learn to be a good follower.  I have the laptop next to me, and it
      > still won;'t come on and stay.  I have been messing with this about 3
      > hours or more, and trying not to get frustrated, and this one is making a
      > gong sound every other stroke.  My head is hurting,  The one working on
      > my truck was here trying to help me understand the last two letters I
      > received from Auraro, with a new payment of $729.11 effective 01-10-09, I
      > need to study it out more. I have more to say.  This is my worse time of
      > the year because of the holy days that's made to look like holidays that
      > makes me feel bad, sad, because , not because I alone, but outraged by
      > the hypocrisy of it all, that I should have people asking me for a
      > present           expecting a present or something when I have no spirit
      > for the consumerism and expectations of people who fix their soul on
      > show, and
      > participating in the ho, ho, ho,  Just following a pattern set up to
      > fleece the laborers and make they forget their heart ships that they have
      > yet to resolve.  My sadness always comes on the day before thanksgiving
      > and last til new years.  Peace, Bro. David Ellison-Bey       Now the
      > check spelling won't come on.  It don't even make sense to me.
      >  --- On Sat, 3/22/08, Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
      > From: Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...>
      > Subject: [Minciu_Sodas_ AR] Jomo Kenyatta (Kikuyu education), George
      > Jackson (wage slavery)
      > To: mendenyo@yahoogroup s.com, minciu_sodas_ EN@yahoogroups. com,
      > minciu_sodas_ AR@yahoogroups. com
      > Cc: "david ellison-bey" <d_bey@sbcglobal. net>
      > Date: Saturday, March 22, 2008, 5:44 PM
      > David Ellison-Bey in Chicago share his thoughts. I look forward to
      > visiting him this summer. His phone number is +1 773 874-3332 and he is
      > a man of great compassion. He shares two texts, one by Jomo Kenyatta on
      > education as a communal activity, and one by George Jackson about wage
      > slavery. Thank you, David! Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@..., http://www.ms.
      > lt
      > ------------ --------- --------- ----
      > Islam, Andrius, May the blessings of Allah be with you. My Will At
      > This Time....
      > But frist this FROM FACING MT. KENYA, BY JOMO
      > KENYATTA
      > The following pages will give a decryption of some of the many features
      > of the educational system of the Gikuyu people prior to the introduction
      > of European rule. It is to be hoped that the descriptive annals of the
      > system will be hoped that the descriptive analysis of the system will
      > illustrate the need for more study of this subject because of its
      > practical value to educationalist, whose assumed function it is to
      > impart Western education to the Africans. There are two strong reasons
      > for the conviction that this study will yield fruitful results. The
      > first is that, like the study of any living thing's growth, it should
      > give the European an understanding of the Gikuyu development from a
      > simpler to a more complex social structure. The study of the Gikuyu
      > system of education should reveal to Europeans educationalist how the
      > character of individuals is formed within the family circle and then
      > within the local, and then within the local group, and then within the
      > whole tribal organization through a course of initiation ceremonies, and
      > it should give them the process of character formation in the routine of
      > Gikuyu life-history with its numerous age-groupings
      > In the Gikuyu community there is no really individual affair, for every
      > thing has a moral and social reference. The habit of corporate effort
      > is but the other side of corporate ownership; and corporate
      > responsibility is illustrated in corporate work no less than in
      > corporate sacrifice and prayer.
      > In spite of the foreign elements which work against many of the Giguyu
      > institutions and the desire to implant the system of wholesale
      > Westernization' s, this system of mutual help and the tribal solidarity
      > in social services, political and economic activities are still
      > maintained by the large majority of the Gikuyu people. It is less
      > practiced among those Giguyu who been Europeanised or detribalised.
      > The rest of the community look upon these people as mischief-makers and
      > breakers of the traditions, and the general disgusted cry is
      > heard: "Mothongo ne athogonji borori," i.e. the white man had spoiled
      > and disgraced our country.
      > ------------ --------- -------
      > The point I want to make is the danger of stanch individualism and
      > modern slavery. From a letter by George Jackson, who was assianated.
      > Date of the letter was April 17, 1970
      > Dear Fay, Slavery is an economic condition . The classical chattel and
      > today's neoslavery must be defined in terms of economics. The chattel
      > is a property, one man exercising the property rights of his property of
      > his established economic order, the other man as that property. The
      > owner can move that property or hold it in one square yard of the
      > earth's surface; he can let it breed other slaves or make it breed other
      > other slaves ; he can sell it, beat it, work it, main it, f... it., kill
      > it. But if he wants to keep it and enjoy all the benefits that property
      > that property of this kind can render, he must feed it sometimes, he
      > must clothe it against the elements, he must provide a modicum of
      > shelter. Chattel slavery is an economic condition which manifest itself
      > in the total loss or absence of
      > self-determination.
      > The new slavery, the modern variety of chattel slavery updated to
      > disguise itself, places the victim in a factory or in the or in the case
      > of most blacks in support roles inside and around the factory complex
      > system (service trades) working for a wage. However, if work cannot be
      > found in and around the complex, today's neoslavery does not allow even
      > for a modicum of food and shelter. You are free--to starve. The sense
      > and meaning of slavery comes through as a result of our ties to the
      > wage. You must must have it, without it you would starve or expose
      > yourself to the elements. One's entire day centers around the
      > acquisition of the wage. The control of your eight or ten hours on the
      > job is determined by others. You are left with fourteen to sixteen
      > hours: But since you don't live at the factory you have to subtract at
      > least another hour for transportation then you are left with thirteen to
      > fifteen hours to yourself. If you can afford three meals you are left
      > with ten to twelve hours. Rest is also a factor in efficiency so we
      > have to take eight hours away for sleeping, leaving two to . But--one
      > must bathe, comb, clean teeth, shave, dress--there is no point in
      > protracting this. I think it should be generally accepted that if a man
      > (or woman) works for a wage at a job that that he dosen't enjoy, and I
      > am convinced that no one could enjoy, and I am convinced that no one
      > could enjoy any type of assembly-line work, or plumbing or hod Carrying,
      > or any job in the service trades, then he qualifies for this definition
      > of neoslave. The man who owns the factory or shop or business runs your
      > life; you are dependent on this owner. He organizes your work, the, the
      > work upon which your whole life source and style depends. He indirectly
      > determines your whole day, in organizing you for work, if you don't make
      > any more in wages than you need to live you are a neoslave. You qualify
      > if you cannot afford to leave California for New York. If you cannot
      > visit Zanzibar, Havana, Peking, or even Paris when you get the urge to
      > you are a slave. If you're held in one spot on this earth because of
      > you economic status, it is just the same as being held in one spot
      > because you are the owners property. Here in the black colony the pigs
      > still beat and maim us. They murder us and call it justified homicide.
      > A brother who had a smoking pipe in his belt was shot in the back of
      > the head. Neoslavery is an economic condition, a small knot of men
      > exercising the property rights of their establishing the property rights
      > of their established economic order, organizing and controlling the life
      > style of the slave as if he were in fact property. Succinctly: an
      > economic condition which manifest itself in the total loss or absence of
      > self-determination. Only after this is understood and accepted can we go
      > on to the dialectic that will help us in a remedy. A diagnosis of our
      > discomfort is necessary before the surgery; it's always to justify the
      > letting of blood. And we don't want the knife to damage any related
      > parts that could be spared for later use. The pig is an instrument of
      > neoslavery, to be hated.
      > I am tired , Peace, Bro. David Ellison-Bey

      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt
      +1 312 618 3345

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