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  • Hi, As the subject line says; I'm trying to pass a Java object that contains another to and from a Perl client. The server is using The Mind Electric's GLUE library, and can pass the object in question to the client properly. When I go to send, however, it fails. The Mine Electric people seem to think that the problem lies with the SOAP::Lite serializer, which seems reasonable to...
    James Felix Black Mar 12, 2002
  • Hello, Briefly, I'm having trouble with the Java hash types; our environment is a Java server (GLUE 1.3) communicating with Java and Perl clients. One of the methods that we need to call returns a HashMap, which is then used as a parameter by a different method. By default, what I get back from the server is wrong, in that the perl object that is created contains just a single (key...
    James Felix Black Feb 28, 2002