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  • Hi, --- In soaplite@^$1, "nrocha18" wrote: > > Hi, > > I've been using SOAP::Lite module to access a .NET webservice from a > unix machine. > Everything was going smoothly until I changed the localization of the > .NET webservice to another machine. Since then, I've not been able to > complete any request because of the error > "SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client::send_receive: 501...
    Victor A. Rodriguez Jan 14, 2008
  • Teri, > XML::Parser and Expat were NOT already on my system. Also I had to > install them in a local directory: /home/hobbs/mystuff. Have you tried http://www.cpan.org/misc/cpan-faq.html#How_install_private ?? -- V�ctor A. Rodr�guez (http://www.bit-man.com.ar) El bit Fantasma (bit-man) Life hacker
    Victor A. Rodriguez Jul 9, 2004
  • ...Perl XML::Parser it becomes soooo sloooooooow. Take a look at http://trex.sourceforge.net/users/en/first.html#require Cheers. -- Víctor A. Rodríguez (http://www.bit-man.com.ar) El bit Fantasma (bit-man) Life hacker
    Víctor A. Rodríguez Jun 1, 2004
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  • Hi Chetan, > In some of the posted messaged, i've been reading about the the wsdl2perl > utility. Is this available for download ? if not, when is it expected to > be released. You can download from SOAPLITE's CVS under wsdl2perl Cheers -- Víctor A. Rodríguez (http://www.bit-man.com.ar) El bit Fantasma (bit-man) Life hacker
    Víctor A. Rodríguez Jan 15, 2004
  • ...use another transport like HTTP. I am using SOAP::Lite 0.60 and ActiveState Perl 5.6 on Windows 2000. Any suggestion ? Thanks, Victorio
    victorio_bentivogli@yahoo.com.ar Dec 17, 2003
  • ...only it needs to be language independent BUT, but also have some SOAP implementation independence. Thanks again for your help. -- Víctor A. Rodríguez (http://www.bit-man.com.ar) El bit Fantasma (bit-man) Life hacker
    Víctor A. Rodríguez Sep 25, 2003
  • Hi all, I'm working on some client/server SOAPing and just want to know what to avoid, in SOAP terms, when speaking of clients and servers from not-the-same-implementations (e.g. SOAP:Lite against SOAPpy, .NET, etc.). Mainly I want to minimize the portability related issues. Hope to read from you all. Best wishes. -- Víctor A. Rodríguez (http://www.bit-man.com.ar) El bit Fantasma (bit-man)
    Bit-Man?= Sep 24, 2003
  • Hi all, "let me introduce myself". I'm currently working on a messaging gateway called TRex (http://trex.sourceforge.net/) and one of its technology supporters is SOAP. Currently the module for message store is using web services (SOAP over HTTP), and as part of the performance revision the needs to add IO transport (for locally stored e-mails) is a MUST. Hopefuly the IO server is...
    Bit-Man?= Sep 3, 2003
  • I just ran into a strange problem with SOAP::Lite and LWP. It appears to me, for a given mod_perl enabled apache process ,after serving some cgi code that make use of SOAP::Lite, any consequence cgi call which make use of LWP would find the setting of requests_redirectable being ignored, all redirect call will start to be handled internally. To demonstrate the problem, I have...
    Victor Tsang May 15, 2003