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  • Hi, I've been trying all day to get SOAP::Lite to connect to a server that has a self-signed cert with no luck. Nor can I find any help on the web via Google searches. Here's my code and the error returned: use SOAP::Lite +trace; my $username = "rcallaha"; my $password = "pwd"; my $url = "https://somehost.somedomain.com:8443/service"; my $wsdl = $url . "/wsdl"; my $service = SOAP...
    Rob Callahan Jun 13, 2011
  • 1. If $x is the result of a SOAP::Lite call, how can I print an XML representation of $x? I was hoping that SOAP::SOM would have an asString method or something. 2. Suppose I need to write a service that generates responses that look like this: scrumptious I know how to use attr in SOAP::Data, but I can't figure out how to create _exactly_ such a structure: my problem is the nested...
    Rob Torop Nov 14, 2001