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  • A couple months ago I posted about getting SOAP::Lite to pass attachments to a service. At the time I wasn't concerned about retrieving them. Now I'm trying to make that happen and am running into a problem. My SOAP service (running on top of JWSDP) is returning a multipart response with a Content-Type header that looks like this: Content-Type: multipart/related; type="text/xml...
    harbica Jan 27, 2006
  • Got it working! Thanks for the pointer Byrne (BTW, if you search for "attachments" on your site it doesn't turn up anything... Google found it). I found some stuff to help out. Here's the snippet that works for me: # Build a MIME attachment my $name = $file; $name =~ s/.*\/([^\/]*)$/$1/; my $ent = MIME::Entity->build(Type => "application/octet-stream", Encoding => "8bit", Path...
    harbica Jan 2, 2006
  • I have a web service (in Java using JAXRPC) that accepts a file upload. My java client is working just fine. I can't, however, figure out how to get SOAP::Lite to upload the file as a SOAP attachment. Does anyone have an example of uploading a file as a SOAP attachment to a webservice? Thanks! Andy
    harbica Dec 22, 2005
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  • I have a SOAP service that returns an complexType that looks like this: I can call a method like this: $bean = $svc->getPintoBean($beanID); And iterate it like this: while (my ($key, $value) = each (%$bean)) { print "$key = $value\n"; } However, when I go to put it back like this: $svc->maptype(PintoBean => 'urn:simpleBean'}); $result = $svc->putPintoBean(SOAP::Data->value(bless...
    harbica Nov 4, 2003