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Re: non-RPC usage for SOAP::Lite

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  • wagner19722001@yahoo.es
    Thanks Paul!, ... the ... Yes, it would be useful , but I want to parse the XMLs (even MIME, S/MIME structures, etc), so ... ... ....That s right, it ll work
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 5, 2001
      Thanks Paul!,

      > If you have XML generated somewhere and want to include it inside
      > message than you can take a look into 'xml' type, whi let you write
      > SOAP::Data->type(xml => '<element>value</element>') and include XML
      > fragment into your payload ....

      Yes, it would be useful , but I want to parse the XMLs (even MIME,
      S/MIME structures, etc), so ...

      > or write your own serializer (next version
      > will include XML::DOM example for serialization/deserialization).

      ....That's right, it'll work for me. I'll try libxml-enno modules also
      which also offer validation.

      > > Or merely should I use SOAP::Custom::XML methods as pointed in
      > > t/05-customxml?
      > SOAP::Custom::XML can be used only on parsing side (it simplifies
      > interface for parsing messages, and couldn't be used for creating
      > messages).

      Custom::XML it's nice and easy so I'll use it on server (receiving)
      side, definitely, for quick & dirty deploy...

      > As you see the only difference is 'method' element (ad your control
      > on it). The important question is who (and how) will handle this
      > package on server side (you may, for example, create AUTOLOAD sub on

      I'll handle the code at the two sides. Client side: will parse XML
      docs, add some transaction info and routing; and server side will
      simply process
      the SOAP Header entries and Body payload, get the docs (& attachments)
      and maybe generate receipts destined for client side...

      À la BizTalk fashion (just kidding:)

      > Hope it gives you some ideas and if it won't help, please provide
      > some details of what do you want to achive, maybe we could help with
      > implementation.

      Tomorow I'll post some details, very much thanks again!


      Alvaro Fdez. Lago
      Dynamic Soft, ES
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