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Re: [soaplite] array of struct

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  • Dana Powers
    Paul s SOAP::Lite package also provides a wonderful implementation of the XML-RPC protocol, which is a much lighter weight way to do what SOAP does. Check out
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 16, 2001
      Paul's SOAP::Lite package also provides a wonderful implementation of the
      XML-RPC protocol, which is a much lighter weight way to do what SOAP does.
      Check out www.xmlrpc.org for more information. It currently lists 50
      implementations in 34 languages/environments. We had used SOAP for cross
      platform interoperability in a large commercial environment, but ran into
      the same sorts of problems that you did. After that, we've switched to
      XML-RPC for everything.

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      From: "John Liu" <johnl@...>
      To: <soaplite@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2001 6:56 AM
      Subject: RE: [soaplite] array of struct

      > Paul, Thanks for the quick response.
      > 1. I realized this is not an easy issue - [am i right, Dietrich?]
      > 1) there're other implementations treat ':struct[]' as a valid type
      > see:
      > - <echoStructArray xsi:type="SOAP-ENC:Array"
      > SOAP-ENC:arrayType=":struct[4]">
      > http://tclsoap.sourceforge.net/silab/round2base.html
      > <echoStructArray xsi:type="SOAP-ENC:Array"
      > http://www.phalanxsys.com/soapclient/echoStructArray.htm#SOAPx4
      > 2) other implementations not happy with it, like
      > com.hp.soap.handlerAPI.TypeUnsupportedException: Malformed type :struct[2]
      > HP-SOAP http://soap.bluestone.com/interop/EchoService/results/client/
      > 2. I donot understand how http://interop.soaplite.com/#SOAP4x passed the
      > soap4x
      > echoStructArray test. Would you mind showing me the soaplite
      > client test code?
      > How did you map php's StructArray[array of array?] to soaplite StructArray
      > [array of hash?], an example?
      > 3. While burning oil at night,
      > I started to cast doubts on the promises of simpleness -
      > SOAP/or the current ways to implement it -
      > it attracts and traps as well.
      > The current many implementations and interop tests are good news.
      > But each implementation is straggly to fully conform std.
      > interop test sets and test each other may not be a very efficient
      > way to realize the promises of SOAP.
      > Just think the following simple facts - not so much an issue for different
      > programming langs. to understand each other
      > in simple atomic data types such as string, array;
      > but many problems in complex types. We got to have a simple approach like
      > those
      > simple data types, different langs. can find common grounds.
      > To me, programming lang. barriers are only the surface problem, the
      > is lacking a clear yet practical
      > neutral representation in wire layer - to define and test standard
      > how to translate complex types between common programming languages, for
      > example,
      > Formula = lookup[structArray][java->perl], by providing definitions and
      > methods how
      > java's structArray translates to perl's structArray by using atomic data
      > types(?), etc.
      > - This provides a better set of testbed,
      > it masks the details of each lang., and avoids the time consuming guess or
      > specific deserielizer in
      > each implementation wire layer per lang. This layer can naturally link to
      > xsd.
      > Just some thoughts ...
      > Back to the reality., I do want to find some simple examples about
      > echoStructArray,
      > perl-java-c++-php-tcl-ruby-.net, to convey array of structs, eps.
      > perl-php-java?
      > Thanks very much.
      > johnl
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      > From: Paul Kulchenko [mailto:paulclinger@...]
      > Sent: Monday, October 15, 2001 6:08 PM
      > To: soaplite@yahoogroups.com
      > Cc: dietrich@...; zliu@...
      > Subject: Re: [soaplite] array of struct
      > Hi, John!
      > > I tried to test echoStructArray use the php SOAPx4 endpoint,
      > > I couldnot make it work:
      > > SOAP-ENC:arrayType=":struct[2]">
      > > Unspecified namespace for type ':struct[2]'
      > arrayType that SOAPx4 returns doesn't look valid to me, hence
      > SOAP::Lite complains. Dietrich?
      > Best wishes, Paul.
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