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AW: Server interprets parameter as empty even the client sends it with a value

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  • Martin Busik
    Hi Andres, ... $webService- call( doc:getCustomerAccessState ,SOAP::Data- name( doc:request ) ... I see there two problems: 1. you need either to add:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2010
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      Hi Andres,

      > my $result =
      > ->type("")->value(SOAP::Data->name("par:customerIdentification")
      > ->type("")->value('0123456700')));

      I see there two problems:

      1. you need either to add:


      or, to modify the request to:



      2. Building the correct xml structure:



      Please note the backslash character just before the second SOAP::Data. It
      forces SOAP::Lite to create a
      a element "request" which is a complex element containing another xml
      element "par:customerIdentification".

      More about the first problem - namespace, default namespace, etc. you can
      find here:

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