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Re: [soaplite] SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon

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  • Dave Howorth
    ... ... It works for me, after I removed use Demo . It s not supposed to return - did you read the docs? [hint The SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon class
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 27, 2010
      dukeofperl wrote:
      > My search did not turn up any existing threads on this subject.
      > I'm trying to use the SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon class to establish a standalone server.
      > My code is straight from the guide.soaplite.com web page
      > When executed (Red Hat 5) it hangs at this line ... (does not return prompt)

      It works for me, after I removed "use Demo".

      It's not supposed to return - did you read the docs? [hint "The
      SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon class encapsulates a reference to an
      object of the HTTP::Daemon class (from the LWP package)". Did you read
      the HTTP::Daemon docs?]

      > Contact to SOAP server at localhost:8001/
      > and netstat -a does not show any activity on port 8001 which implies the daemon did not start.

      netstat -a doesn't show any activity for me either, so evidently that
      does NOT imply that the daemon didn't start.

      But what does work is making a connection to the server with my browser!

      Cheers, Dave
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