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Re: [soaplite] Over-riding the SOAPAction

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  • Thomas J Pinkl
    ... I do it this way: my $soap = new SOAP::Lite; ... $soap- on_action( &custom_action ); ... sub custom_action { my ($uri,$method) = @_; return $uri . / .
    Message 1 of 2 , May 9, 2008
      On Thu, May 08, 2008 at 01:58:08PM -0000, keith_unite wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I need to use SOAP to access data from a SOAP server which uses WSDL
      > over HTTP.
      > My problem is that I need to change the SOAPAction that is sent with
      > the http request.
      > I've tried changing this using:
      > use SOAP::Lite on_action => sub{ die "killed: use"; };
      > and
      > my $s = SOAP::Lite->on_action( sub { die "killed: call" });
      > (as you can imagine the 'die' calls are just for testing) but neither
      > are called when the action is being generated.
      > By adding warnings to the code I can see that on_action is being
      > called twice (for the two redefinitions) but neither affected the
      > SOAPAction that is sent.
      > I suspect I need to subclass the SOAP::Transport::HTTP to override it
      > there but can't even get that to work!!
      > If anyone has some thoughts or examples where they managed to get this
      > working it would save me a great deal of hair loss as I'm tearing my
      > hair out trying to get this to work.

      I do it this way:

      my $soap = new SOAP::Lite;
      $soap->on_action( \&custom_action );

      sub custom_action {
      my ($uri,$method) = @_;
      return $uri . '/' . $method;

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