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Re: [soaplite] length required???

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  • Paul Rogers
    ... CGI. It can....IIS6...I enabled it in the web extensions section of IIS manager. ... test.pl. Simple CGIs/.pl scripts work no problem. ... This works.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2008
      > From: Jeff Gleixner [mailto:qglex@...]
      > Sent: Friday, April 11, 2008 11:55 AM
      > To: Paul Rogers
      > Subject: Re: [soaplite] Length Required???

      > First, ensure your Web server can run scripts with a ".pl" extension, as a

      It can....IIS6...I enabled it in the "web extensions" section of IIS

      > e.g. Create a simple CGI, and save it with a .pl extension... like

      Simple CGIs/.pl scripts work no problem.

      > use CGI qw(:standard);
      > print header, start_html, h1('this works'), end_html;

      This works. See:

      > Second, in your server, remove the CGI module related things, it
      > shouldn't print a header. e.g.

      > use SOAP::Transport: :HTTP;
      > SOAP::Transport: :HTTP::CGI
      > -> dispatch_to( 'Demo')
      > -> handle;
      > package Demo;
      > sub hi {
      > return "hello, world!";
      > }

      OK...done. Unfortunately, still producing blank output. :-( It seems to
      also be going really slow but eventually times out and produces nothing.
      See: Oddly, running the server
      piece runs quickly...

      > Third, the error "HTTP/1.1 411 Length Required" is correct, you won't
      > be able to run it directly, like other CGIs.

      OK...but the sample one on the soaplite website just produces a blank page
      (http://services.soaplite.com/hibye.cgi). Mine does now as well...which is
      good...I think.

      > Check the documentation (perldoc SOAP::Lite), or the Web
      > site(www.soaplite.com), or the example scripts that are part of the
      > distribution, for code snippets.

      All of which I've already done 3x over. I did notice that the "cookbook" on
      the site skips over perhaps the single most important code sample, writing a
      server. See:


      Perhaps I'm missing something obvious here? Is there anything I need to do
      particular on IIS? What could make the client script timeout when the
      server piece seems to have no problem running?

      Two relevant IIS log entries:

      2008-04-12 13:08:21 W3SVC1878844319 GET /tmp/perl/hibye.pl -
      80 -
      ET+CLR+3.5.21022) 200 0 0

      2008-04-12 13:10:22 W3SVC1878844319 POST
      /tmp/perl/hibyesvr.pl - 80 - SOAP::Lite/Perl/0.70_04 502 1 64

      Not sure why there is two minute delay between when the client (hibye.pl)
      gets called and the server (hibyesvr.pl) is called.

      The status for the server entry indicates a 502..."bad gateway". Not sure
      what that means if anything.

      Paul ---
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