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Re: [soaplite] How to change default namespace and name

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  • Paul Kulchenko
    Hi, allierogers@yahoo.com! Yes, you may return SOAP::Data object exactly as you do on client side and it ll affect name (and namespace) of created element. For
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 6, 2001
      Hi, allierogers@...!

      Yes, you may return SOAP::Data object exactly as you do on client
      side and it'll affect name (and namespace) of created element. For

      sub something_on_server_side {
      return SOAP::Data->name(myresult => 25);

      will make element myresult. Using ->uri() method or ->attr() in
      general you can change namespace of this element.

      Details about fault could be modified in similar way:

      sub something_on_server_side {
      my $self = shift;
      die SOAP::Data->name(subdetails => 'Where are parameters?')
      unless @_;

      should generate object as Faul detail. Hope it helps.

      Best wishes, Paul.

      P.S. Please, address your questions directly to me, because purpose
      of this list is discussion of future versions, announces of releases
      and ongoing development.

      --- allierogers@... wrote:
      > Using SOAP::Lite as a server, is there any easy way to hook into
      > the
      > XML generation and change the default namespace and name
      > generation.
      > Right now, they're controlled by the gen_ns() and gen_name()
      > functions and result in constantly changing namespaces and names
      > like "namesp1", "namesp2", etc., and "c-gensym1", "c-gensym2", etc.
      > I would like some control over the namespace and symbol names so
      > that
      > I can create more sensible ones. But I don't see how (or see
      > examples of how) to modify this as a server. Using SOAP::Data, I
      > can
      > see how parameters can be named from the client side, but this does
      > not work at the server end. And I see no way of modifying the
      > namespace.
      > On the server, once you call "handle()", there seem to be no other
      > hooks.
      > Ideas or some sample server code?
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