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Re: [soaplite] attribute name of "id"

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  • rahed
    ... Something like this: $soap = SOAP::Data- name(subscr= SOAP::Data- value( SOAP::Data- name(tag1= 10)- attr({ n1:id = 1}),
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 2 2:03 AM
      > Sorry.... I'm new to SOAP, hacking my way through this... I can't rename it,
      > so how do I qualify it into a namespace?

      Something like this:

      $soap = SOAP::Data->name(subscr=>\SOAP::Data->value(

      Here the namespaces myns1 and myns2 are declared within the parent
      element subscr with prefixes n1 and n2. Id attributes are then
      qualified into these namespaces.


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