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Re: [soaplite] Evolution of SOAP::Lite

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  • Paul Kulchenko
    Hi, Arun! ... Thank you. Hope it will be interesting. ... I already thought about it. I cleaned it a little bit, so it s just about 100 line now :)). The TODO
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 2001
      Hi, Arun!

      --- Arun Kumar U <u_arunkumar@...> wrote:
      > I came know that you are presenting a session at O'Reilly Open
      > Source Convention. Good Luck !! I wish I could be there :-(.
      Thank you. Hope it will be interesting.

      > And one more thing, In the article you had mentioned that the TODO
      > list for SOAP lite is about 500 lines. How about sharing the same
      > with us :-)
      I already thought about it. I cleaned it a little bit, so it's just
      about 100 line now :)). The TODO file is still much bigger than that,
      but not everything can be added here :)). Anyway, here is the main
      part and I would appreciate if you let me know that something is
      missing or give priority to some features before others. Any feedback
      is more than welcome. Thank you.

      Best wishes, Paul.

      Support for multiple schemas (1999,2000) [0.51]
      SOAP::Context (internal redesign)
      Async processing (requires SOAP::Context)
      Header processing (requires SOAP::Context)
      Intermediaries (requires Header processing)

      MQSeries transport [0.51]
      Jabber transport [0.51]
      non/blocking TCP [0.51]
      TCP with headers
      TCP with SSL [0.51]
      non/blocking HTTP
      HTTP daemon with SSL
      POP3 client
      daemonization (chroot, uid/gid, tainting, etc)
      implement HTTP server around Net::Daemon
      implement HTTP server around Win32::Daemon
      add mq:, jabber:, tcp: and urn: schemas (with
      URI::URL::implementor) [0.51]
      extend POP3/SMTP transport to include message-id and in-reply-to

      DBD::SOAP (native interface, with DBI on client side)
      DBIx::SOAP (lightweight interface, no DBI on client side)
      DBI::SOAP::Server (Server side for DBD::SOAP, DBIx::SOAP)
      -dump option
      Term::Readkey support
      proxy settings
      Safe module execution on server side (for untrusted modules)

      Option that do not modify parameters for RPC call (on client and
      server side)
      Support inheritance from remote classes (require support for
      non-modified parameters for RPC calls)

      Regexp pattern matching instead of XML parsing
      Optimize envelope generation

      Async processing
      Support for async request (return messageID)
      Support for async response (get response for specific messageID)
      Implement on transport level (look for messageID from transport)
      Implement on SOAP level (look for messageID from SOAP envelope)

      Header processing
      Pluggable header processors
      Intermediary support
      Extended actor support
      Handle encoingStyle with custom deserializers
      Multidimensional [0.51]
      Sparse [0.51]
      Partially transmitted [0.51]
      Attachment generation
      Support for multiple XML Schemas [0.51]
      Support for document-style encoding [0.51?]

      WSDL generation
      Server generation from WSDL
      <import> element [0.51]
      tModel WSDL [0.51]
      Support for multiple services/ports [0.51]
      Use transport settings for WSDL file access

      Support all transports available for SOAP::Lite [0.51]
      Support dispatch model as in SOAP::Lite [0.51]

      Support for Perl 5.005 [0.51]

      Dispatch to COM object [0.50, untested]
      Access to major features of SOAP::Lite
      Add support for XMLRPC::Lite from COM interface
      Split Lite.dll on minimal, optimal (HTTP only) and everything
      (MIME, SMTP)
      Split Lite.dll on SOAP::Lite and XMLRPC::Lite [?]

      v2 interface

      Change inheritance from SOAP::Server::Parameters to check for
      $MODULE::SOAP::Server::Parameters or $SOAP::Server::Parameters
      Add document-style interface, check for
      $MODULE::SOAP::Server::Document or SOAP::Server::Document
      Add SOAP::Context for all internal communications between
      SOAP::Serializer, SOAP::Deserializer and SOAP::Transport(s)
      Add options on client and server side that require send/handle
      parameters 'as-is' without CLASS-specific processing
      Add inheritance from remote classes
      Look into Attributes::Handle (use instead of SOAP::Data interface)
      Implement object-by-reference as part of serializer/deserializer
      Persistent storage for object-by-reference on server side
      (based on Apache::Session interfaces)
      Better support for garbage collection for object-by-reference
      Modify SOAP::Trace interface
      Add fault styles on client side (die_with_fault,
      die_on_transport_error, etc.)

      GUI proxy

      Full search example (UDDI->WSDL->SOAP) [0.51]

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