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xmlns:namespace confused

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  • retoh123
    An item is being generated by SOAP::Lite as ^^^ I have to remove the |xsi:type= namesp1:StructureOf_Item | stuff and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2006
      An item is being generated by SOAP::Lite as

      <Item xsi:type="namesp1:StructureOf_Item">
      I have to remove the |xsi:type="namesp1:StructureOf_Item"| stuff
      and get a clean |<urn:Item>| instead to create a valid call.

      I have tried to define an own namespace with prefix 'urn'
      at the constructor as

      my $client = SOAP::Lite
      ->ns('urn:catalogue.eshop.ws.crm.example.net', 'urn')

      and had the expectation my attributes are beeing prefixed
      with 'urn:...' like 'urn:Item' etc.

      It might be I didn't fully understand the namespace stuff yet.

      Please see

      or get /see the related script on

      for the full example.

      Any help or further references are appreciated.

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