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Re: SOAP and SSL

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  • h2ofaull
    Greetings - Not sure if you ve figrued out this problem, but I ll throw out my solution for the archives! I ran into a similar problem with my web service -
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 26 1:26 PM
      Greetings -

      Not sure if you've figrued out this problem, but I'll throw out my
      solution for the archives!

      I ran into a similar problem with my web service - they didn't use an
      issuing Certificate Authority that Windows trusts by default. I had
      to download a copy of their CA certificate (a .CER file) and install
      it by hand. My web service provider advertised this .CER file
      elsewhere on the site.

      To install in Windows, you just double-click the .CER file and go
      through the wizard to install it to the default location (I've not
      tried this on any other OS). Perl seemed to find it from wherever
      this "default" location is. Sorry for the vague details, but I hope
      this helps.

      This post also relates to the thread...
      SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon::SSL ???

      including message number 4324.


      --- In soaplite@yahoogroups.com, Matt Wilks <matt.wilks@g...> wrote:
      > I'm having a bit of trouble getting SSL to work properly using the
      > SOAP::Lite Perl module. Here's the setup. A SAP business connector
      > machine is making an RFC to our server over HTTPS. Something like:
      > https://our.server.com/ams/server.pl
      > This works fine. The troubles come when we send the response back.
      > They have a Comodo certificate and it seems that we can't verify them,
      > and so cannot connect to their machine. They have set the <sender>
      > tag in the header to the URL of their machine, something like:
      > https://their.server.com/
      > And when we attempt to send the response back there there is a
      > verification error when they present us with their certificate. Is
      > there anyway to tell SOAP::Lite (or just the SOAP module) where to
      > look for a Certificate Authority to verify them with?
      > There must be some sort of default, because the problem cropped up
      > only when they changed their certificate to Comodo. When they had a
      > Verisign signed certificate, we didn't run into this trouble.
      > Thanks for the help,
      > Matt.
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