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Manipulating SOAP message format

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  • allandrick
    Hi folks, Relatively new to the world of SOAP::Lite, but basically familiar with the general concepts - I ve implemented fairly complex web services using
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2004
      Hi folks,

      Relatively new to the world of SOAP::Lite, but basically familiar
      with the general concepts - I've implemented fairly complex "web
      services" using CORBA:Orbit (if you call CORBA a web service) so
      I don't beleive I'm *completely* clueless. :-)

      I'm dealing with a service provider's SOAP server interface and
      I am having some difficulty in getting SOAP::Lite to generate
      a set of XML that the server believes is valid.

      I've obtained an example SOAP XML request that the service
      provider says should work, and indeed if I manually shove
      that XML at the server, it works just fine.

      To add complexity, the service provider's SOAP interface uses
      HTTPS as a transport, requires X509 certificate authentication,
      uses cookies to provide a session token and uses 302 redirects
      to get you where you need to go, without changing the actual URL.

      I've overcome the above issues and can now call the SOAP method,
      however I get an error back saying my SOAP XML message is invalid.

      Indeed, the SOAP::Lite generated XML message doesn't look at all
      like the example they supply (which works if I manually craft
      the HTTPS POST and submit the example XML using LWP::UserAgent).

      If you've read this far, I thank you.

      The service provider's example of a valid SOAP XML message is as

      <ServiceProviderRequestMethod xmlns="http://SP-namespace">

      I've tried (and failed) for a couple of days to get SOAP::Lite to
      generate a message that looks vaguely like this.

      Appreciate any feedback/assistance provided. I can provide code
      examples if that helps :)

      In an ideal world (long term) WSDL will solve this issue, but until
      everyone's implementation WSDL is equal, the pipe dream reamains a
      little way off :)


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