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patches: exception handling, complexType objectification, POD

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  • highhair20
    Patches can be found at sourceforge http://sourceforge.net/projects/soaplite/ Under PATCHES (request id: 935919) Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2004
      Patches can be found at sourceforge


      Under PATCHES (request id: 935919)

      Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


      - need to use latest version of SOAP::Lite 0.65 from CVS

      general/global updates
      - added POD style documentation section to each class being generated
      which includes usage examples of methods in that class

      - use of Log::Log4perl for logging. All Log::Log4perl lines have
      commented out in this release as not everyone gets the coolness of

      - During the auto generation of all classes distinguish between:
      - methods for exception handling
      - methods for complexType handling
      to facilitate throwable exceptions as defined by WSDL faults.
      - Extend Error.pm module into each auto generated exception class
      to implement a mechanism of exception handling as defined
      by the source WSDL.
      - In methods which extend Error.pm module override Error::strinify to
      customizable formating of error messages
      - a complexType gets instantiated with a data from a SOM object.
      All the
      values in the SOM object are not prefixed with '_'. The
      expects all input parameters to be prefixed with an '_'. A simple,
      non-exhaustive conversion logic was added to accept non-prefixed
      parameters and convert them into '_' prefixed versions.

      binding.tt, bindingOperation.tt
      - When a method returns a complexType the complexType is instantiated
      its corresponding SOM data and that complexType is return as an
      object of
      that complexType. (Internally each method gets a SOM object from
      SOAP call, we now do a transformation of that data into the
      complexType object described by the WSDL.)
      - If there is a fault returned by the SOM object the method in which
      fault occured an exception is thrown according to specificication
      described in the WSDL.
      - Added a new Util class (per WSDL used) to implement expandNode().
      If a complexType contains a serialized verion of a complexType as
      one of
      its elements, expandNode() converts that serialized complexType into
      an appropriate complexType object and returns it as an ArrayOf
      those types
      of objects.

      - overloaded methods in the WSDL are currently not handled at all,
      methods of the same name will be stubbed which will case warnings.
      - still unable to properly serialize proper name spaces to nested
      complexType's of complexTypes.
      - currently data complexTypes during the autobuilding process do not
      check the namespace they belong to. For example two WSDL's which
      share the same namespace will create their own versions of a
      defined inside each of their respective packages even though that
      complexType is really unique within the namespace that both
      - WARNING: we also noticed that XML docs sometimes contain soap:body
      declarations and othertimes contain wsdlsoap:body... this makes
      many things
      break in wsdl2perl. Hence we modified some findvalue() pattern
      to use 'wsdlsoap' instead of 'soap'.


      These updates are maintained by:

      BlueReach Communications Inc.
      Jason Kelly (jkelly at promptunetworks dot com)
      Piotr Kapiszewski (kapi at promtpunetworks dot com)
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