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RE: [soaplite] objects_by_reference

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  • Jim Lancaster
    I think I m getting it. It appears that objects_by_reference only comes into play when the server needs to share objects with another class on the server.
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2004
      I think I'm getting it. It appears that 'objects_by_reference' only
      comes into play when the server needs to share objects with another
      class on the server. The client classes are completely separate. I
      modified the server to use the cfg data passed by the client to generate
      a new device id and return it, whereupon the agent adds it to its cfg

      If anyone has any thoughts about my approach, please pipe in.


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      > Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 5:25 PM
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      > Subject: [soaplite] objects_by_reference
      > I've written an 'agent' to poll Windows event logs, parse
      > them into XML, and send them to a server where they are
      > written into a MySQL database.
      > This part is working. Before transmitting each batch of
      > events, the agent reads a local configuration file to obtain
      > a 'device_id'
      > identifier that is added to each event record.
      > Now I'm trying to create a means for the agent to 'register'
      > itself with the server to create a new 'device_id' if one
      > doesn't already exist.
      > The agent creates a configuration object that contains
      > company id, hostname & ip address which needs to be
      > accessible by the server. The server would use this
      > information to create a new device table entry, spawning a
      > new device_id, which needs to be added to the configuration
      > object. This expanded configuration object would then be
      > used by other agent methods for various purposes before
      > finally being written out to an XML configuration file.
      > In the book, 'Programming Web Services with Perl' (Ch 7), I
      > see that the authors create a midlevel class that allows the
      > client and server to share an object, apparently by using the
      > 'objects_by_reference' method at the server. This looks like
      > what I need, but I'm not clear on the concept.
      > Do the server and the agent(client) have to be subclasses of
      > a common class in order for this to work? Does the creation
      > of the configuration object have to originate at the server?
      > or can the agent create it and the server add to it as I have
      > described?
      > I humbly apologize for my ignorance. Any help would be
      > greatly appreciated.
      > Jim
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