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Q about using soap lite to access AWS

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  • Michael J. Flynn
    Hello- I m sure I m missing something, but haven t found the answer in the docs I ve looked at. I found some code on soap.env that prints out a book title and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2003

      I'm sure I'm missing something, but haven't found the answer in the docs
      I've looked at. I found some code on soap.env that prints out a book
      title and price for a keyword search. To further my understanding, I'm
      trying to extend the code to pull out some more information. Simple nodes
      in the Soap are fine. My problem comes up when I try to access the
      browselist, which has child nodes under it. Any attempt to print out this
      information comes out like "ARRAY(0x86536a0)". Seeing this output I
      thought I would just need to make a referenece to this array and be able
      to access the contents. I get the same array output as if I printed it
      directly. Any pointers on how I can grab the nested nodes?

      Original code can be found here:

      Code I'm focused on:
      for my $t ($som->valueof('//KeywordSearchRequestResponse/return/Details/Details')) {
      print $t->{ProductName} . " - " . $t->{OurPrice} . "\n";
      # Code I added to the for loop.
      print $t->{BrowseList} . "\n";
      my @bl = @$t->{BrowseList};
      my $key;
      foreach $key (@bl) {
      print "$key ";
      print "\n";


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