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supress "arrayType"

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  • netaust1n
    My trouble is this: my $encoded_order = SOAP::Data- name( orderLine )- type( SOAPStruct )- attr({ xmlns:t = http:/xxx.xxx.xxx })- value( @order_array); each
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      My trouble is this:

      my $encoded_order =
      SOAP::Data->name('orderLine')->type('SOAPStruct')->attr({'xmlns:t' =>

      each individual member of @order_array is a SOAP-string with a name
      and a value. when the server parses it though, it says "Can't coerce
      an array into a hash" to which i say, "it shouldn't be an array."

      i've tried specifying the type as a SOAPStruct, but SOAP-Lite
      interprets it like this:

      <orderHeader xsi:type="namesp4:SOAPStruct"

      long story short, i need to convince SOAP-Lite that this isn't really
      an array. the guys who wrote the server say it would be fine if it
      didn't have a type OR an arrayType, but no matter what i try, it still
      comes out with arrayType="xsd:anyType[12]"

      any assistance would be much appreciated.
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