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Re: [soaplite] Re: .net client

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  • Mark Cance
    Thanks!! I think you┬╣ve found the problem, it would make sense as I was originally using the uri#method in my wsdl, but this caused .net to misbehave. Now I
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 14, 2003
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      Re: [soaplite] Re: .net client Thanks!! I think you’ve found the problem, it would make sense as I was originally using the uri#method in my wsdl, but this caused .net to misbehave. Now I stopped using it the .net client can connect but SOAP::Lite / Apache::SOAP refuses to dispatch the call to the mod_perl provider, (my module).

      I’ll spend some time trying to figure out how to use on_action()

      Thanks again,

      On 13/7/03 15:10, "Kedar Barve" <kedsbarve@...> wrote:

      Hey Mark:

      > Message: SOAPAction shall match 'uri#method' if present (got
      > '
      > expected 'http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#int'

      SOAP::Lite by default needs a SOAP action in the format uri#method,
      but that's not the same with other SOAP servers.

      To disable this behaviour use the 'on_action' statement below, which
      will disable this mandatory check. I am not sure how u will
      incorporate this in a mod_perl based server, but I am sure that the
      on_action stmt. will fix this error. Paul had mentioned earlier that
      this check will be disabled in the next release of Soap/Lite.

      >> -> on_action(sub {return}) <<

      FYI, I have a working production environment of a .NET client
      (vb.net, c#) and a SOAP/Lite server (WSDL service). If you need any
      help let me know. Also you can search for posts on this mailing list.

      good luck!


      -> on_action(sub {return})
      -> dispatch_to('module lib path','<module name>')
      -> handle;

      --- In soaplite@yahoogroups.com, Mark Cance <mark@f...> wrote:
      > I’m trying to allow a .net client to connect to our SOAP::Lite
      > When I connect with a SOAP::Lite client using a WSDL file all works
      > however when the .net user tries to connect they get an exception,
      > I’ve pasted below), I get a 500 in my access_log but nothing in
      > error_log, leading me to believe that something is wrong with the
      > to the module providing the service.
      > I think I’ve tracked the problem down to my <binding>
      > /Apache/Kentucky/Kentucky_Services is the mod_perl namespace of the
      > and I use Apache::SOAP to redirect requests to module itself,
      (relevant code
      > below).
      > One thing we have found is that the service location has to match
      > soapAction (which obviously has to be the location of the module),
      or .net
      > refuses to do anything!?!!
      > Has anyone any tips on what we might be doing wrong, as I'm out of
      > Any help would be very gratefully received!
      > Best,
      > Mark.
      > #.net exception
      > Exception Type: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHeaderException
      > Actor:
      > Code: http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/:Client
      > Detail: NULL
      > Message: SOAPAction shall match 'uri#method' if present (got
      > '
      > expected 'http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#int'
      > #SOAP Handlers in Apache-httpd.conf
      > <Location /Apache/Kentucky/Kentucky_Services>
      >     SetHandler perl-script
      >     PerlHandler Apache::SOAP
      >     PerlSetVar dispatch_to "Apache::Kentucky::Kentucky_Services"
      > </Location>
      > #WSDL binding and service declarations
      > <binding name="SOAP" type="tns:freeloaderServicesPort">
      > <soap:binding style="document"
      > transport="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/http"/>
      > <operation name="RequestAccounts">
      > <soap:operation
      > ccounts"/>
      > <input>
      > <soap:body
      > namespace=""
      > use="encoded"
      > </input>
      > <output>
      > <soap:body
      > namespace=""
      > use="encoded"
      > </output>
      > </operation>
      > </binding>
      > <service name="Kentucky_Services">
      > <documentation>Schmea v0.1 - Generated 19/06/2003.</documentation>
      > <port name="freeloaderServicesPort" binding="tns:SOAP">
      > <soap:address
      > location=""/>
      > </port>
      > </service>

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