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Re: Complex Type attributes being sent as xsd:int not xsd:string

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  • Kedar Barve
    Mark: Not sure whether this will help you. But try this: return SOAP::Data- name( YourResponseAttributeName )- type( string )- ... cheers! kedar ... object ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 16, 2003

      Not sure whether this will help you. But try this:

      return SOAP::Data->name('YourResponseAttributeName')->type('string')-


      --- In soaplite@yahoogroups.com, "talios2k" <mark@t...> wrote:
      > Recently I came accross a need to talk to my webservice from a perl
      > application, I've now got SOAP::Lite passing in my complex type
      > all nice and properly on the correct namespace, but the fields of
      > object ( which the WSDL specify as strings ) are being passed by
      > SOAP::Lite as integers, due to the way perl works.
      > Is there any way to easily get around this?
      > I assume I need to write a custom serialiser, the cookbook shows me
      > how I can instantiate a custom serializer, but doesn't show anything
      > about how to actually customize serialization.
      > Hopefully someone out there has already done this and has either
      > examples, or a nice funky way of doing it already?
      > Hopefully someones listening...
      > Mark
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