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Re: [soaplite] SOAP::Lite with autodispatch on perl 5.8.0

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  • Alasdair Allan
    ... Good to know, we had a discussion at the IVOA (http://www.ivoa.net) in Cambridge last week about whether you d dropped off the face of the planet
    Message 1 of 13 , May 20, 2003
      > > In fact, the lack of patches, bug fixes and new releases is
      > > something thats starting to seriously worry me.
      > Me too ;)

      Good to know, we had a discussion at the IVOA (http://www.ivoa.net)
      in Cambridge last week about whether you'd dropped off the face of
      the planet entirely...

      > > There isn't any (workable) alternative to SOAP::Lite using Perl and
      > > its lacking alot of features (e.g. literal document encoding, proper
      > > MIME & DIME support, "proper" WSDL deployment support) by default,
      > > and I know people who are starting to have interoperability issues
      > > with AXIS...
      > >
      > > A year is a heck of a long time without a new distribution for
      > > something thats developing as fast as SOAP and web services.
      > Tell me about that; I used to release one version a week. It's
      > definitely not a lack of desire to change or improve things; it's
      > rather BDUF (big design up-front) paralysis:

      I'm also currently suffering from second-system effect, not nice, is it? :(

      > I would like to come up with a solid architecture that would be able to
      > handle literal/document encoding, pluggable headers, different
      > de/serialization formats, have XML Schema support, work with sync and
      > async calls and MIME/DIME packaging specifications, perform well, be
      > configurable to handle large message, and tons of other things. Maybe
      > I just want to much.

      All these would be nice, perhaps branching the distribution?

      If you have a bunch of patches to the current release waiting to be
      integrated I'd be happy enough to apply them, do some testing, package
      it all up and ship it back to you if you like....?

      There is also the SOAP::MIME package on CPAN by Byrne Reese that, at
      least, should really be integrated into the core SOAP::Lite distribution.

      Don't think your efforts aren't appreciated, if it wasn't for the
      SOAP::Lite module I'd be writing in Java right now, and how bad would
      that be...? :(

      Dr. A. Allan, School of Physics, University of Exeter
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