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  • Paul Kulchenko
    Hi, Mauro! Thanks for asking. That s the tricky questions (or maybe tricky answer) :) Last version (0.50) has the ability to dispatch calls directly to the
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 25, 2001
      Hi, Mauro!

      Thanks for asking. That's the tricky questions (or maybe tricky
      answer) :)
      Last version (0.50) has the ability to dispatch calls directly to the
      object on server side and I tested it with Perl objects. It should
      also work with COM objects, but I didn't test it yet, though I don't
      see why it shoudn't work.

      call CreateObject("SOAP.Lite") _
      .server("SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon", _
      "LocalAddr", "localhost", _
      "LocalPort", 80) _
      .dispatch_with(CreateObject("SOAP.Lite").hash _
      ("http://my.server/something", CreateObject("My.COM.Object"))) _

      dispatch_with accepts hash where keys are URI or SOAPAction of
      incoming call and value is the CLASS (as the string 'CLASS'), or
      object where this call should be dispatched to (in your case it will
      be the COM object). In some complex cases, where you need to alter
      parameters, you may create simple Perl class wrapper and pass the
      object of this class as the target for dispatch. This object will
      accept COM object as a parameter:

      .dispatch_with(CreateObject("SOAP.Lite").hash _
      CreateObject("My.COM.Object")))) _

      This code will call


      and all methods will be called for MyPerlClass and then you can do
      whatever you want to do with parameters and call appropriate method
      from COM object.

      I didn't try it yet, and will be able to do it only tomorrow, but let
      me know if it works (or doesn't work) for you. Thank you.

      Best wishes, Paul.

      --- "Da Ros, Mauro" <Mauro.DaRos@...> wrote:
      > Ciao
      > After dealing with MS SOAP toolkit, I'm evaluating
      > the Soap::Lite. It seems really nice, especially
      > the possibility offered by server and the transports.
      > What I need, and still doesn't understood if possible,
      > is to instantiate a server with the COM interface
      > which forwards the calls to a COM object, and not to
      > a perl module. I don't think it is possible, but I
      > try to ask :-)
      > thanks in advance,
      > mauro
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