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Re: [soaplite] Re: Sending a hash to java

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  • Duncan Cameron
    ... If you want _all_ hashes serialised as maps then you can redefine SOAP::Lite s internal methods with something like this: *SOAP::Serializer::encode_hash =
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 11 3:45 AM
      On 2002-08-09 tmangner wrote:
      >ok, i got the same problem as jboy55 ... and i tried duncans
      >suggestion. that works fine, as long as the hash is a very simple one.
      >but my hash is somewhat more complex. there are arrayrefs and other
      >hashrefs as values of the actual hash ...
      >so java stills murns about "No mapping found
      >for 'http://xml.apache.org/xml-soap:SOAPStruct' using encoding
      >style 'http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/'."
      >can anyone give me a hint. how to encode a complex hash, so that java
      >will accept it as a construct of hashtables and arrays???
      >thanks in advance
      >--- In soaplite@y..., Duncan Cameron <dcameron@b...> wrote:
      >> On 2002-03-29 jboy55 wrote:
      >> >Ok,
      >> >
      >> >I'm frustrated that this just isn't working. And I can't find a
      >> >example in any of the documentation.
      >> >
      >> >i have a function on Java that looks like
      >> >
      >> >sendCart(String id, HashTable cart);
      >> >
      >> >so i try
      >> >my $soap1 = SOAP::Lite
      >> > -> uri('urn:ServiceProxy')
      >> > -> proxy('http://localhost:8088/soap/servlet/rpcrouter');
      >> >
      >> >$id = SOAP::Data->type(string => '1221');
      >> >result = $soap1->sendCart($id, \%hash);
      >> >
      >> >and i get this error
      >> >
      >> >SOAP-ENV:Client, No Deserializer found to deserialize
      >> >a 'http://xml.apache.org/xml-soap:SOAPStruct' using encoding
      >> >style 'http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/'.
      >> >
      >> >
      >> >I shouldn't be pulling my hair out over this... this MUST be
      >> >
      >> >What's going on?
      >> >
      >> It's not well documented but I think that you want to try the 'map'
      >> $result = $soap1->sendCart(
      >> $id,
      >> SOAP::Data->type(map => \%hash)->name('cart')
      >> );
      >> This should generate an xml element something like:
      >> <cart xsi:type="xmlsoap:Map"> which should be handled by the
      >default Apache
      >> Java serializers to produce a hashtable.
      >> Regards,
      >> Duncan Cameron
      If you want _all_ hashes serialised as maps then you can redefine
      SOAP::Lite's internal methods with something like this:

      *SOAP::Serializer::encode_hash = \&SOAP::Serializer::as_map;

      It causes a '... redefined' warning but otherwise seems to work.

      The other way is to explicitly type each hash that you want
      serialised as a map as shown above. You might also be able to bless
      each hash into your own class and then provide a serialiser for
      that class which produces a map. Somehting like this:

      package myType;

      sub new {
      my ($class, $value) = @_;
      bless $value, $class;

      package main;

      sub SOAP::Serializer::as_myType {

      my $h1 = myType->new({ ...});

      Not sure how you want arrays to be serialised but I would guess that
      the same approach would apply.

      Duncan Cameron
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