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Re: [soaplite] Adding name space to returned object

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  • Paul Kulchenko
    Hi, Simon! It can be done in SOAP::Lite (I need to think about it though), but I m not sure it s toolkit s responsibility. IMHO SOAP layer must be as
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 29, 2002
      Hi, Simon!

      It can be done in SOAP::Lite (I need to think about it though), but
      I'm not sure it's toolkit's responsibility. IMHO SOAP layer must be
      as transparent as possible and if you want to make class A looks like
      My::A there are others ways to do that. Probably the easiest one is

      BEGIN { package A; @A:ISA = 'My::A' }

      later on A->method() will behave like My::A->method();

      You can create those classes on demand, probably using AUTOLOAD or
      UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD features. Let me know if it's far from what you
      need, we'll think about something else or I'll give you an example on
      how to do it in S::L.

      Best wishes, Paul.

      --- eat_lemon <eat_lemon@...> wrote:
      > Hi Paul,
      > One solution I had is to rebless the returned object from
      > $som->result() with the proper package prefix (assuming "MY" is the
      > package prefix):
      > $class = "MY::".ref($som->result());
      > bless($som->result(), $class);
      > This solution works for simple situiation. However, it gets messy
      > for nested objects and arrays. Is there any way I could add the
      > proper package prefix inside soaplite before it is returned inside
      > SOM->result or add the prefix in SOM->result?
      > This is quite urgent, any help is greatly appreciated.
      > Thanks,
      > Simon
      > --- In soaplite@y..., "eat_lemon" <eat_lemon@y...> wrote:
      > > Hi,
      > >
      > > If soaplite return result is an object, is there any way I can
      > prefix
      > > this object with the proper package name?
      > >
      > > For example
      > >
      > > If the return object type is "class", does soaplite provide any
      > > method for me to change it to "my::class"?
      > >
      > > Any help is greatly appreciated!
      > >
      > > Thanks,
      > >
      > > Simon
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