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Re: [soaplite] Visual Basic Soap Client

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  • fernando
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    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 21, 2001
      Thanks for the fast answer!!!

      >Hi, Fernando!

      > resultado_array.paramsout, but , how can i retrieve
      >paramsout() return array in list/array context, so
      > should give you what you need. Take a look into README file in COM
      > directory for examples and explanations.

      >Best wishes, Paul.

      --- fernando <fernando@b...> wrote:
      > Hello!. I developed a server with Perl using Soap
      > Lite and now i making the client in Visual Basic 6
      > using the Lite.dll, and i have a problem. I can
      > retrieve the first element using: first =
      > resultado_array.result and the second with second =
      > resultado_array.paramsout, but , how can i retrieve
      > the third, fourth,... element? . I used paramsout
      > again, but i get the same second element. In the
      > Perl Soap::Lite documentation, paramsall returns an
      > array, but in Visual it returns an element. I'm not
      > a Visual Basic expert, i need help.
      > Thanks!
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