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Re: [soaplite] Can SOAP::Lite

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  • Duncan Cameron
    David From your explanation I m not sure what your problem is. Is it that you don t want to receive data encoded as utf8? Well, that shouldn t be a problem as
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 18, 2002

      From your explanation I'm not sure what your problem is. Is it that
      you don't want to receive data encoded as utf8? Well, that shouldn't be
      a problem as Perl versions 5.6 and later supports utf8 encoding.
      Maybe if you could provide short samples of data which you don't like
      then we might be able to help you.

      Also, this doesn't have much to do with SOAP-Lite except that by default
      SOAP-Lite uses XML::Parser which returns data encoded as utf8.

      Duncan Cameron

      On 2002-01-17 kafka.rm <kafka@...> wrote:
      >Hi everybody!
      >I'm developing an integration module between intershop4 and a scala
      >system using the soap::lite module. What I'm doing is the client
      >that works in the background of the intershop-system (that is a kind
      >of application server). This client retreivs data from a ms soap-
      >toolkit sitting ontop of a ms sql-server.
      >The data in the ms-sql server is in the estonian and lettian
      >language, and contains a lot of special charachters and stuff. As
      >far as I know, it's stored in unicode there. I should perhaps
      >mention that I'm not that experienced when it comes to charcher-
      >encodings and such.
      >Well, the responses I get from the server are, according to the xml-
      >declaration, utf-8. Though, when i print it in a terminal window or
      >to the browser through the application server, the text is garbeld.
      >I've understood that utf-8 is not usually used in web-pages or such?
      >If I right click the page and choses encoding utf-8 instead, the
      >page is displayed ok though.
      >My question is really how these things are normally solved? When I
      >use for example the exerces xml-parser for java, the response I get
      >back is translated into unicode, so this isn't a problem. Can Soap-
      >lite or xml::parser do that as well? Or do I explicitly have to
      >translate everything I pick out from the response to unicode with
      >some other perl-module?
      >I'd be really grateful for any help in this!
      >Best regards,
      >David Backman
      >Web Trade Systems
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