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987RE: [soaplite] HTTP Keep-Alive and performance concerns

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  • Taras Shkvarchuk
    Nov 5 12:22 PM
      I have looked into keep alive, the problem is that underlying module.
      LWP::UserAgent doesn't support it. So in order to allow Keep-Alive or HTTPS
      proxy you'd have to modify the transport module.
      If any of you have time/will to do so I'd love to try it out myself. ;)

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      > Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2001 9:10 AM
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      > Subject: [soaplite] HTTP Keep-Alive and performance concerns
      > Hiya there,
      > I'm writing some software that uses a CGI based SOAP server, and am
      > concerned that with large numbers of method calls, the time involved
      > in connecting to the server will be prohibitive. On my modem for
      > instance it can take several seconds to call a method on a remote
      > server: obviously several seconds per method call isn't great.
      > Therefore are there any plans to support HTTP KeepAlive which I think
      > would go a long way towards resolving this issue?
      > thanks -mike
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