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959Re: [soaplite] (Perl) WWW-Authenticate: NTLM using Soap or Soap::Lite?

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  • Bill Jones
    Oct 26, 2001
      On 10/26/01 2:56 PM, "Gisle Aas" <gisle@...> wrote:

      > "Dana Powers" <dana@...> writes:
      >> This is a transport issue, and not impacted by SOAP as far as I can tell -

      >> LWP::Authen::NTLM.pm. If you're interested in implementing it yourself,
      >> there is protocol information here: http://www.innovation.ch/java/ntlm.html

      > I would be very happy if somebody could contribute this module.

      Hi Gisle :)

      As I am the one who needs it soonest, I am working on it as fast as my
      little Perl fingers will go :)

      However, please pardon me if I use the LWP code incorrectly, I know not what
      I do; once done I am sure other, more experienced Perl writers will
      correct/fix it.


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