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953Construction Example(s) ???

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  • Bill Jones
    Oct 23, 2001
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      Hi All :)

      I have a basic question, I've been playing with only a few days now but I am
      not sure how to 'implement' the few examples I've seen both here and on the

      I want to talk via SSL using basic authentication to:

      (Sorry for the long URL, you may need to fix formatting errors caused by

      I posted a NTLM question the other day and got two very good responses about
      various NTLM sites to get the protocol for implementing it in Perl (which I
      am following up on :)

      The remote server supports SOAP, GET, and POST - however, I am at a loss as
      to how to use SOAP to do this. Ultimately I want to parse the XML - but I
      am not sure I am even talking to the server correctly to start with.

      Any thoughts or references would be most appreciated :)

      William C (Bill) Jones
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      (Lead e-Systems Developer)
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      not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."
      ::: Richard Nixon
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