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939Re: [soaplite] Base64 and Cyrillic

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  • Paul Kulchenko
    Oct 22, 2001
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      Hi, Sergei!

      --- Sergei Dolmatov <sergei@...> wrote:
      > I'd try to describe it more detailed - in perl client using
      > SOAP::Lite I set encoding('iso-8859-1') property in request.
      > AFAIK, other clients may have not this value (so, I still didn't
      > find something like that in Delphi's HTTPRio).
      > And I got error 500 - wide characters in request.
      > So question is - how can I set on server's side encoding property?
      > And is it even possible?
      Unfortunately can't tell you anything about Delphi, but you
      definitely can change encoding on server side for SOAP::Lite. use:

      my $server = SOAP::Transport::HTTP::CGI # or whatever server you have
      -> encoding('isao-8859-1')
      -> dispatch_to(...)

      You can also transcode your data to utf8 and use default encoding.

      > Yes, it's helpful, but as far as I understood, it's again about
      > client side?..
      There is no big difference between client and server side. Interface
      is *slightly* different, but almost all that was said about client
      side is true about server side also.

      Best wishes, Paul.

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