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933RE: [soaplite] Re: SOAP::Lite Server and Java client

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  • Sheth, Niraj
    Oct 19, 2001
      Thanks Dave,

      I got it working ... but thought of writing down few lines so might be
      helpful to someone.

      From SOAP::Lite server

      SOAP::Data->type(map => \%info);

      Java Client

      SOAPMappingRegistry smr = new SOPAMappingRegistry();
      MapSerializer vecSer = new MapSerializer();
      smr.mapTypes (Constants.NS_URI_SOAP_ENC,
      new QName(urn, "Map"),
      Map.class, vecSer, vecSer);


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      I found using the Map datatype to be best. You can create a hash in
      perl, tell it (via Soap::Datatype) it is a type of map and send it
      over. Java will see it as a Java.util.Map on the other side. It's
      been a while since I worked on this, so I'm a bit foggy on
      specifics...let me know if you need more info.

      Hope this helps,


      --- In soaplite@y..., "Sheth, Niraj " <niraj_sheth@g...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Can anyone provide me code-example(or URL) to pass hash from perl
      > (SOAP::Lite server) to java client(as Vector)?
      > I am pretty much newbie to SOAP(on both perl and java side).
      > It's very simple from perl server to perl client, can't get it on
      java side.
      > Thanks,
      > -Niraj

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