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93non-RPC usage for SOAP::Lite

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  • wagner19722001@yahoo.es
    Mar 5, 2001
      Hi all,

      I intend to use SOAP::Lite in a distributed transaction environment. I
      won't use the rpc-related stuff for now, but my main objective is
      to wrap/unwrap well-formed XML in one (or more) SOAP body entries,
      referenced via id's in the SOAP headers.

      Do I *really* need to call freeform() to serialize my data or access
      the XML docs in the envelope? SOAP::Serializer docs says the above
      method "lets you build your own payload inside a SOAP envelope".

      Or merely should I use SOAP::Custom::XML methods as pointed in

      I would like Paul or someone to explain freeform() usage and maybe
      some example.


      Alvaro Fdez. Lago
      Dynamic Soft, ES
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