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898RE: [soaplite] Yet Another Serialization question

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  • Chris Davies
    Oct 11, 2001
      I'm sure Paul will correct me, but I think you wrap the array elements in a
      SOAP::Data->name chunk, something like this:

      'associatedDevices' => [

      I would suggest that in response to the second question, deciding whether to
      use type('xml') or not depends on whether you want your application or the
      SOAP layer to unravel your structure. My understanding is that type('xml')
      is treated as an opaque object by the SOAP layer, and it just passes it
      though unchanged.


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      I'm trying to generate this in the SOAP body:

      The resulting body looks close, but I don't know how to specify the
      <device> tags.

      And why would I want to build the <newUser> element this way instead
      of using type('xml')? I could build methods on my objects that
      returned strings of xml -- what would be the downside to that?
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