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857Re: [soaplite] .NET client and Soap-Lite Server?

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  • Weidong Wang
    Sep 21, 2001
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      Sorry, Paul. URI's dispatch_with() does not work. I got client failed to access error. I did have trailign slash.
      Also, when you say on_dispatch(), you meant dispatch_to()? The code does not like on_dispatch().
      Oh, to make the server responding to both .NET client and soap-lite client, I needed both dispatch_to('Class') and dispatch_with() with exact SoapAction for each method. That is what is working for me now.
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      Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 2:11 PM
      Subject: Re: [soaplite] .NET client and Soap-Lite Server?

      Hi, Weidong!

      > But if I say
      >     dispatch_with({'http://someurl/method1' => 'Test' });
      > method1 call works. But other method calls do not. So I have to
      > list them all to make all work. Is there an easy way to say all
      > methods are in this Test class?
      You may specify not only SOAPAction, but also URI value:

        ->dispatch_with({'http://someurl/' => 'Test' });

      which means "ALL requests with this URI will go to class 'Test'". URI
      should be EXACTLY the same, so check trailing slash in your case.

      I also double checked, and you DO NOT need to include
      with dispatch_with call mentioned above. This logic is already there

      Best wishes, Paul.

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