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816[soaplite] question on sending a simple message versus waiting for a result

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  • J Landman
    Sep 12, 2001
      I am using SOAP::Lite for a project, and it is wonderful. Of course, I
      ran into something that I hoped would not be hard to solve. What I want
      to do is quite simple to state. I want to (within SOAP::Lite) send an
      object to a method, and simply have the call return right away without
      waiting for the method to return a result. That is, the method has
      desireable side effects, and no real return information.

      Currently I have to look at either polling a queue that the method places
      an entry into, or forking a process. I want something more like "fire and
      forget", or basic messaging. Can this be done easily within SOAP::Lite?
      Suppose we had a method named return_immediately rather than result, so
      that our calls might look like


      Clues/hints welcome. Thanks!

      Joe Landman,
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