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813does result have to be a hash ref

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  • Joseph Norris
    Sep 11 4:15 PM
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      I have had some real success with my most recent soap projects, but still
      a real newbie in use of Soap::Lite - so please bare with me.

      I have the following piece of soap code

      $xml = qq!<XMLQuery><ListShipment><SOAPClientID>XXX</SOAPClientID><where col='OrderDes
      cription' comp='Equals' value='$value'/></ListShipment></XMLQuery>!;

      use SOAP::Lite;

      $soap_response = SOAP::Lite
      -> uri('http://tempuri.org/message/')
      -> proxy('http://comac.litorders.com/SOAP/ListShipments.ASP')
      -> on_action(sub{'"http://tempuri.org/action/Shipments.ListShipments"'})
      -> ListShipments(SOAP::Data->type(xml => qq!$xml!))
      -> result;

      $soap_response is a hash ref that I can get at with Data::Dumper. However
      this returns hashes. It just so happens that the return of this data has
      multiple tags of the same name. I need to get the data from all of the
      tags but because these tags become keys in the hash - I am only getting the
      last set of tag data that I need. I am not sure how (or if) I get the
      soap_response as an array ref so that I can get all of the information.

      Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.


      #Joseph Norris (Perl - what else is there?/Linux/CGI/Mysql)
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