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771Patch to handle command line configuration

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  • dpk
    Aug 20, 2001
      Ive patched the SOAP::Lite distribution Makefile.PL to use Getopt::Long
      ( distributed with perl core ) to handle command line arguments. I've
      been consistently itched with the fact that I have to manually
      configure it every time, so this is my attempt at scratching ;)

      To apply the patch ( to SOAP-Lite-0.51 ):
      bash$> patch SOAP-Lite-0.51/Makefile.PL soap.patch

      Help Text:
      Usage: perl Makefile.PL <options>

      Possible Options are:

      --noprompt Disable interactive dialog
      --test Perform extra testing
      --help Display this help text

      --[no]install-MODULE [ Do Not ] Install appropriate module:

      To Paul + anyone else who has hacked on the code in Makefile.PL:
      The strategy I took was to parse the prerequisites and take any module
      in parenthases on any line with a [yes]/[no] tag. These modules are
      then translated into --[no]install- options.
      The only problem with this is that the first two modules are both
      labelled as SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client. As a workaround I just added
      a check to skip any line referencing OpenSSL. It might be cleaner to
      change the second to SOAP::Transport::HTTPS::Client, but I can see why
      that isnt too important.
      So, right now - there is no way to automagically get the config to
      check for OpenSSL without prompting. Doesnt really matter of course,
      because all the makefile is really doing is creating a PREREQ_PM hash,
      but a limitation nonetheless.


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