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  • alan_r_young@yahoo.com
    Jul 26, 2001
      HI ALL
      I am new, I just signed on to this group.
      I am trying to install Soap Lite on NT so that I can run the soap.asp
      1) I downloaded all the CPAN modules, all install well exce

      pt the XML::Parser
      2) Upon further inspection the XML::Parser needs expat
      3) so I download expat, and I put the DLL's in \winnt\system32
      4) so I go back to installing XML::Parser and it gives me a lot of
      error messages

      The web site says this package is so easy to use, I am spending hours
      trying to install with no end in site

      What am I doing wrong?
      It seems there are so many pieces to this thing, I am running all
      over the Internet downloading all of the modules, then one depends
      upon another, then I need expat, etc.

      Is there a install package that just sets up EVERYTHING for NT?
      Am I dreaming?
      Can anyone help?
      Alan Young
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