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6601How to add authHeader to soap request ?

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  • Richter, Tobias
    Dec 12, 2011
      Hi *,

      I try to write a simple Perl SOAP Client for these services:


      My script looks like this now:
      my $SessionWebServicesoap = SOAP::Lite
      -> proxy($SessionWebServiceURI)
      -> uri($SessionWebServiceURI);

      my $TrackerWebServicesoap = SOAP::Lite
      -> proxy($TrackerWebServiceURI)
      -> uri($TrackerWebServiceURI);

      my $ProjectWebServicesoap = SOAP::Lite
      -> proxy($ProjectWebServiceURI)
      -> uri($ProjectWebServiceURI);

      my $response;

      print "\n";

      #get session
      my $session = $SessionWebServicesoap->logIn(
      my $sessionID = $session->{'_content'}[2][0][4]{'sessionID'};
      print "session is: ".$sessionID."\n";

      my $authHeader = SOAP::Header->name('sessionID')->value($sessionID);

      $response = $ProjectWebServicesoap->getProject("productbacklog");
      die $response->faultstring if ($response->fault);
      my $IObject = $response->result;
      print $response->result, "\n";

      $response = $TrackerWebServicesoap->createWorkItem($IObject,$authHeader);
      die $response->faultstring if ($response->fault);
      print $response->result, "\n";


      Unfortunately I always get the following error message:
      session is: 9109123277697179703
      com.polarion.platform.security.PermissionDeniedException: Permission com.polarion.persistence.object.WorkItem.key.created.modify denied for user null in context null at soap6.pl line 56.

      Do you have an idea how to add the session ID to my SOAP-Request Header?

      I think somebody had the same problem with python's suds here:

      Thank you.

      Best regards,

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