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658Macintosh client bug

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  • dpk
    Jul 20, 2001
      There is a bug in the MRJ ( Macintosh Runtime for Java ) which does not
      supply the correct content-type header when making http requests. This
      causes interoperability problems when using a macintosh java client (
      Applet in IE5, for example ) to make SOAP/XMLRPC calls to a server
      running SOAP::Lite/XMLRPC::Lite . The exact problem is that the
      Content-type: header is set to 'content-type' instead of 'text/xml' (
      haha ). Here is a braindead patch, which I dont *really* expect to make
      it into the distribution, but if anyone is having problems with mac
      clients using java - this might help.

      This should work with both 0.50 + 0.51. Apply to SOAP::Transport::HTTP
      in the main soap dist like so:
      patch lib/SOAP/Transport/HTTP.pm mac.patch

      > $content_type ne 'content-type' && ## Workaround a bug in the
      Macintosh Java Runtime

      Ive attached the patch file as well b/c Im not sure if the text above
      will line wrap or not.

      Paul, what are your feelings about specific client workarounds like

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