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6561AW: [soaplite] Problems using SOAP::Data as method parameters

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  • Martin Busik
    Jan 14, 2011
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      > I tried using the call method previously but it would always
      > warn me that no proxy was defined. I was unsure what value to
      > use as a proxy -- is that something that is defined anywhere
      > in the WSDL file? I was looking at the CPAN documentation and

      with proxy($url) you set the endpoint url, i.e. the url you will find in the
      wsdl under:

      <wsdlsoap:address location="$url"

      (typically, near the end of the wsdl)

      > Also, is there a way for me to view the XML I am producing
      > with my SOAP::Data / SOAP::Header objects to debug what I am
      > generating?


      use SOAP::Lite (+trace => [qw(transport debug parameters)]);

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