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6533SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client::send_receive: HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error

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  • tekman2001
    Nov 5, 2010
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      When I try to run this I get a 500 error. Can anyone shed some light on what might be causing this. I have tryed comparing my output to the anticipated xml output and nothing is jumping out at me.





      use SOAP::Lite +debug;
      use SOAP::Lite on_action => sub {sprintf '%s/%s', @_};

      $soaptrans = SOAP::Lite
      -> proxy("http://dev.emaildirect.com/v1/api.asmx")
      -> uri ("http://espapi.net/v1")

      $results=$soaptrans->RelaySend_SendEmail(SOAP::Data->name('Subject')->value('This is subject'),SOAP::Data->name('AddToDatabase')->value('1'),SOAP::Data->name('BodyText')->value('This would be body'),SOAP::Data->name('AccountName')->value($username),SOAP::Data->name('Password')->value($password),SOAP::Data->name('ToEmail')->value($toaddemail));

      if ($results->fault) { print "$results->faultcode,$results->faultstring\n"; }
      else { $results = $results->result; }

      $results = $results->{ReturnedValues};