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6522Re: [soaplite] Convert command line to web browser deployment

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  • Dave Howorth
    Oct 27, 2010
      dukeofperl wrote:
      > I have a soap server running using the standard examples found
      > on the web ... like the hibye example shown here ...
      > This runs just fine from the command line. Now I have a need to
      > deploy this from a web browser rather than from the command line.
      > Does anyone know the steps to do so. I don't need the blow-by-blow
      > just an overall nutshell explanation would be fine or a link to a
      > tutorial that outlines the process.

      What do you mean by "deploy this from a web browser"? It sounds
      nonsensical but perhaps if you explained what you are trying to do, it
      would make more sense.

      Cheers, Dave
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