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6492WG: SOAP::Lite and UDDI::Lite

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  • Leilani Tubu
    Jul 15, 2010

      To all SOAP::Lite users,

      Hope you guys can help me with my situation below.

      We plan to generate a SOAP client using SOAP::Lite.  In the "soap address location element" of the WSDL files of the web services we intend to access, uses the registry-based naming authority.  This means, that we probably can make use of the UDDI::Lite module as well, which is already included in the SOAP::Lite package.


      Here goes my questions (below): if the soap address location is something like this:


      "http://vf_tariff_service/TariffService/TariffService/TariffServiceInterfacePort" />


      This means that the registry name = vf_tariff_service (which i also assume is equivalent the Business_Service name in UDDI registry entry).



      How do instruct SOAP::Lite that it is registry-based authority and not server-based?  If SOAP::Lite detects that it's a registry-based authority, do we need to explictly look for the equivalent server-based authority in the UDDI using UDDI::Lite?


      If we need to use UDDI::Lite, how do find the equivalent server-based authority? I can't specify the proxy() element since I do not know the access point or soap address at this point. Is the proxy() element in UDDI::Lite optional?


      Your help and prompt feedback would really be appreciated. 


      Thank you very much.


      Best Regards,

      Leilani Tubungbanua

      Senior Consultant

      NetAge Solutions Gmbh

      Neumarkterstr 22

      81673 Munich Germany